The Rape of Britain – City of London Club – Saved

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At the time of publishing, the City Club (sic) was under threat from the building of the NatWest Tower (Tower 42):

“The City Club, built in 1833 by Philip Hardwick, to make way for National Westminster’s 600-foot office tower”

From Wikipedia:

The City of London Club was established in 1832 and is the oldest of the gentlemen’s clubs based in the City of London. Its Italian Palladian-style building was designed by English architect Philip Hardwick. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is its current royal patron.

To be eligible for membership, applicants traditionally had to be a partner or a director of their firm. The Club has occupied the same building at 19 Old Broad Street, near Tower 42 and Liverpool Street station, since its foundation, although it initially occupied it on a leasehold basis, with freehold being acquired in 1889.

An attempt in 1970 by the Club to sell their building for office space (and move to newer premises) was blocked when planning permission was refused.

Famous members have included Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, and Robert Peel.

In addition to offering membership, the Club is also available for hire as a venue for private events such as meetings, lunches, dinners, and presentations.


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